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When you buy a new computer it works really fast but with the passage of time it slows down. It happens due to many reasons. Some software, programs or files, antivirus that are out of date and games you do not use may cause the speed reduction and you may experience difficulties while using it.

There are some tricks given below to get a faster computer just as new one.

  1. Deleting Temporary files

 Through everyday tasks a huge list of temporary files gathers in your computer and might slows down your computer speed. To get rid of these temporary files which includes cookie, your browsing history and some other files. By deleting them, we can save a large amount of free space that will increase our computer speed.

Double click the ‘My Computer’ Icon, now click the ‘Drive C’, open the ‘Window’ folder and now right click the ‘Temp’ and select ‘view’ option. A list of temporary files will be displayed, select all by pressing ‘ctrl+ A’ and press the delete button. These files will be transferred to ‘Recycle bin’, Right click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ and select ‘empty the recycle bin’.


This trick will increase a lot of free space resulting in increasing your PC speed.

  1. Removing the dust

If dust is located in the interior of our computer it may causes computer heat up. When computer heats up, its speed decreases. If it happens with your PC, try to clean the dust by removing the exterior of your computer and with the help of a hoover, remove all the dust.


Firstly switch off your computer at least half an hour before cleaning it to avoid any injury as your computer will be heated up and u might burn your hand.

  1. Installation of a Solid State Drive Hard disk takes much time to start windows and also offers slow speed for the PC. On the other hand the use of Solid State Drive is better to gain faster speed.
  1. Defragment the Disk

Another way to faster your computer speed is to defragment your disk.

Double click the ‘My Computer’, Click ‘Drive C’ and right click on it. Select the ‘Properties’ and in ‘tools’, there would be an option ‘Defragment now’. By doing so your disk’s memory will be divided into small memory packets which will save the space on your disk and your computer will work smoother than before.


  1. Deleting program

Deleting the programs you no longer need is another way to boost up PC speed. Just click the ‘Start’ button, open ‘control panel’. Move your arrow to ‘Programs’, a list will be displayed.

  1. Uninstalling spare anti-virus

If you are using various antivirus at the same time at may result in decreased computer speed. Uninstalling the spare antivirus will boost up your system speed.

  1. Increasing RAM

RAM stands for random access memory. It is used when we open different programs and executing different tasks. When you are having not enough memory then your system slows down and sometimes hangs.

The solution to the problem is to add RAM to your system. Generally 4GB is more than enough.

  1. Removing visual effect

Although graphical effects look great but they can slow down your computer. By removing them you can save enough disk space and prevent computer freezing.

Follow the given method to turn off the visual effects.

Right click on the screen anywhere and select ‘Personalize’. Scroll down and select ‘Windows 7 basic’ or ‘Windows classic’ for even more boost up.


  1. Emptying the Recycle Bin

When you delete files they are transferred to the ‘Recycle Bin’. As these files are not deleted permanently, they contain the same disk space as they were previously

using it. So we have to delete them permanently in order to boost up your system speed.

recycle bin

Restore the files you need and  to empty recycle bin by right clicking on the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon and choose ‘Empty recycle bin’ and by doing this you will surely experience a difference in your system speed.

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Want to download videos from YouTube and don’t know how to do it? Well many times we find videos that we want to save to our PC or other device we are using but unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provides any option to download videos from it.  Either we have to save bookmark of the video every time we or search for the video on the YouTube every time we want to watch it.



But now I’m gonna describe some very easy to follow methods to download videos from YouTube.


  1. Through IDM

The most common and generally adopted way to download YouTube videos is through IDM (Internet Download Manager.

Follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Download the IDM free from Google.

Step 2

Now open the YouTube and play the video you want to download.

Step 3

Automatically a notification button will pop-out to download the video. Click on the button and a window will appear.


Step 4

The storage location will be shown before starting the download. If you want to place the video somewhere else then choose the location and hit the button ‘Start download’

Your video will be start downloading and you can enjoy it whenever you want without the mess of being finding it. This is the most common and reliable method to download YouTube videos.


  1. Keepvid downloader

Another downloader is Keepvid downloader that not only be used to download YouTube videos but you can also use it to download videos from other sites like Face Book, Daily Motion and many more.

Step 1

Open KeepVid .

Step 2

Now open the YouTube in another tab and Play the video. By doing this the URL of the video will appear in the bar on the top the browser. Now select and copy it.

Step 3

Place the URL of the video in the place given in KeepVid application and click the ‘Download’ button.


Enjoy the downloaded videos from the YouTube with this easy to follow method.

Clip Grab downloader

Clip grab downloader is easy to use and free YouTube videos downloader. It works best for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Step 1

First of all you have to install the Clip Grab application.

Step 2

Now open YouTube and copy the URL of the video by selecting the URL and press Ctrl+ C and for Mac Cmd+ C.

Step 3

Open Clip Grab application and paste the URL of the video in the place provided by hitting Ctrl+V for Windows and for Mac Cmd+V.


Step 4

In the next step you have to select the video quality that suits you best by clicking the ‘format’ button.

Step 5

After that click the ‘Grab this clip’ button to start the download.


Amendment is the URL

If you don’t want to download videos from YouTube using any software then the below mention method will surely help you to download YouTube videos. You just have to follow the steps

Step 1

Open YouTube and play your desired video. By doing this you will get the URL of the video in the top of your browser. That  would be like this

Step 2

Now you have to do some amendments in the URL to download the video. Replace ‘https://www.’ With ss and the URL will be like

Step 3

Now by opening this URL, another site will be displayed and you will be provided with a download button.

Step 4

Click the download button and choose the quality of the video.

Step 5

You can also change the storage location before the download starts.

 Download videos with mobile

This method is ideal for PC. If you want to download YouTube videos on your mobile or tablet, Procedure is nearly same except few things.

Step 1

The mobile sites are somehow different than the PC displayed sites. A pc URL will be like this

On the other hand mobile URL will be like

You have to follow the same step as mentioned above, all you have to do is replace the ‘https: //m’ with ss and enjoy the video anywhere anytime.

I hope the above methods will work for you and you can easily download videos from YouTube in future.

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Now a day Google has implemented very strict rules and regulations. So you have to be very careful while reading their rules and regulations otherwise you might be suspended from your adsense account. Don’t switch to the trick that can decrease your CTR or leave you blocked by adsense.

Your earnings on the Google adsense are directly related to the CTR (Click through rate), so in order to increase your income you have to increase the traffic on your blog.




If you are looking for some tips to increase your adsense earning fast then your search ends here. Tips, given below will surely help you a lot to help increase your adsense earning fast and easily.

  1. Fresh content publishing

Always publish fresh contents in order to increase your adsense earning as well as to increase the traffic on your blog.


  1. Update blog regularly:

 If you want to increase your Google adsense earnings fast and very easily then you have to update your blog regularly. It will increase the traffic on your blog.

  1. Permit both text and images

There are two options to choose in adsense either you can restrict your ads to image only or you can choose the second one that is both image and text option that is recommended to increase the click rate and your earnings too.


  1. Links to relevant sites

Sharing links of sites to other sites means linking websites can raise your adsense earning very easily and effectively. Put your ads on good website. Try to put your ads on top of the websites where they can be easily seen by the viewers not at the bottom because it may hide your code and cause a relative decrease in your CTR (click through rate).

  1. Experiment with font and colors

 Choose the colors, background, text style and

URL of your website. You have to keep an eye on your revenues before and after the changes to get the best combination. This will surely contribute to add up more revenue in your Adsense earnings. Choose black and white colors for your ads. Use white color for the background and borders as it will look just like a webpage and people will click more on your ads and this will boost up your click through rate.

  1. Add channels to your sites

Channels will help you to see which units are working best. The more visitors will attract, the higher will be the click through rate (CTR). You will surely want to advertise on the sites which will give you a higher CTR to increase your earnings.

  1. Ads Formats

 One of the easiest ways to get a higher CTR (Click through rate) is the rectangle ads. They work amazing as compare to others and grab a lot of visitor’s attention. It looks just like web links and visitors click more on this type of links. So it’s a good way to earn extra money from adsense. A sample is given below.




  1. Block less paying sites

You may have experienced that some sites are really paying negligible amount/click. So in order to increase your adsense earnings you can block these sites if you have a list of these sites. You can also block the competitor ads being displayed on your sites. This will increase your revenue.



  1. Write everyday

 When you will write everyday and update your blog regularly more search engines will find your pages as people want to read more and more content from you and more you write your pages will be index in the search engines. This is quite harder as compare to the other methods but also a very effective one in achieving your desired revenue.These are the few methods to help you increase your Adsense earning fast. Use them to earn more and more income.

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top 10 best horror movies
top 10 best horror movies


 Looking for top 10 horror movies??? You are at  the right place. I have searched and listed below the top 10 horror movies of all time, some of them are based on true stories. Some people love to watch scary movies as it builds self confidence to them, some are dragged by the their curiosity relating to fear of the unknown. Hence we can say horror movies are often worth watch. So lets get ready for the horror adventurous to start.

1.The Exorcist


This super natural horror film is based on novel of the same name.It is the greatest grossing horror film, grossing over $441millions. An actress Chris MacNeil is temporarily living in Washington D.C with her 12 year daughter. Suddenly weird changes both in looks and behaviour of her pre-teen daughter starts taking place after playing with an Ouija board. Her mother seeks medical help but doctors find nothing wrong with her. Two priests performs exorcism to get the evil out of her.


2.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)


   The film was released in North America on Oct 17, 2003, bringing the worldwide gross to $107,071,665. In this film five young elders are on their way to Lynyrd Skynyrd concert where they became victim of a leather face and its psychopathic family. The cast includes Jessica Biel as Erin (The heroine), Andrew Bryniarski as Thomas Hewitt (a serial killer who wears a mask of human skin because he has a skin disease that let him disfigured), Eric Balfour as kemper (Erin’s boyfriend), Jonthan Trucker as Morgan ( A close friend of Erin and Kemper who is accompaning them in the trip).


3.The Conjuring(2013)


The film is directed by James Wan, Saturn award winning film for best horror film category.The film is based on the curse of a witch who killed her 7 days old baby as a sacrifice to Satan and killed herself too. A family starts living in the house and experienced paranomal activities and the mother is possesed by the witch. Two paranomal investigators are trying to help the family. The film gained positive reviews from the critics and audiences gave the film A grade.It grossed $300 million worlwide making it one of the highest grossing horror movie.

4.The Ring (2002)


The psychological horror film that grossed upto $249 million. The film is about a videotape that is killing each and everyone who watch it. A journalist Rachel trying to find out the mystery behind the tape. Rachel and her son watch the tape and race against the time starts. Now we have to see either she can reveal the mystery of the ‘Ring’ or she will be a victim of the curse.




Do Aliens really exist in the universe? Some people don’t believe in aliens, evils and spirits and other fear of them. Well its all upto yours believes. The film grossed about $104 to $203 millions worldwide, Directed by James Cameron with a budget of approx. $18 million. In near future a commercial space-craft named Nostromo with 5 astronauts is on a return trip to earth,they receive a distress signal that was actually a warning from a planetoid. After landing on Planetoid, found an alien ship and some egg shaped objects. One of the egg is hatched and the creature attacks the officer and another alien starts growing in the host’s body n turns to a 7 inches tall monster That is the moment you should hide behind your pillows as the real fear is going to start.




A Spanish horror film, with 3 sequels ‘Rec2’, ‘Rec3’ and ‘Rec4’. The story is followed by a reporter and her cameraman.They are making a documentary in a fire station. The phone rings and a woman asks for help as she is got stuck in her building. When they arrive at the building, informed that the people in the building are infected by a dangerous virus. Both the reporter and the cameraman got stuck in the building with the firefighter. More and more people are infected by the virus and they both are trying to escape from the building.




The film was released in 2010, Directed by James wan. A family with their son Dalton and an infant daughter Calie shifted to a new house.Dalton falls in coma after an accident in the attic. He got back to house without getting cure. But after that some supernatural activities are experienced by his mother and then attacked. After shifting somewhere else the problem still exists then the mother seeks help of paranormal experts. The boy has the born ability to mentally travel to astral-plane. He lost in ‘The Further’ and his body is being possessed by the spirits.


8.The Grudge


The film describes that how curse creates when a person dies. It is based on a curse of a house which destroys everyone who enters. A family is happily living in Tokyo in that house but the wife had an affair with her college professor when her husband get to know about it he kills her wife and the son too. He himself then killed by her wife’s ghost. After years another family shifted to that house and became a victim to that curse. One by one people were killed . Keran is a nurse assigned the task to care take of an elderly american women and was faced with supernatural powers. Now let’s see will she be able to stop the curse or will be a victim the ‘Grudge’


9.Let the Right One In

Let The Right One In 2

A film with a budget of $4.5 million and grossed over $11,227,336 million. A romantic horror film in which an overlooked boy Oskar fall in love with a Vampire girl Eli. She kills people for her need of blood. Eli helps the boy by encouraging him to stand up himself in order to take revenge from his stronger class mates who regularly bullies him. Eli tries to fed blood from a girl but the attack fails. After that girl starts experiencing changes in her and realizes what has happened to her. The film is having a different and unique story which won many awards.


10.As Above,SO Below

It was released in 2014, directed by John Erik Dowdle. It grossed $40.1 million worldwide. The story moves around Scarlett Marlowe who is a Professor and is very passionate about searching the Philosopher’s stone, a substance that has the ability to turn metal into gold and comes across many terrible situations.