How to reset Windows 8 password without installing a new windows 

As windows 7 have many advantages but on the other hand there are some disadvantages too now it is being replaced by window 8. Windows 8 is better than windows 7 in many aspects it is a better option for everyday use, smoother at very low RAM, better support for mobile device, better display and security options and much more.

Have you ever forget your windows account password???? If yes then you might have experienced many problems. Today we are going to describe you how to reset your account if you have forgotten your password. The following steps are very convenient and effective and will save you from re-installing a new window and all of your data will be safe too. Just choose a method that suits you and go for it. I am sure It gonna help you a lot.



Password hint method:

The easiest method is the password hint method. All you have to do is to reconsider to set up the password hint for your account. The hint is not a password but it will remind you about the password.

Windows 8 password reset hint
windows 8 password hint


Pin Code method

Another way of resetting the password is by pin code method. You just have to follow these simple steps.


Step 1:

Choose the sign-in option.

reset windows 8 password with PIN
reset windows 8 password with PIN


Step 2:

There will be two options one is the pin code and the other is password. Choose pin and type the 4-digit pin code. You will successfully login. Now you can reset your window’s account password.



Microsoft account


If you have ever saved your email and contact number to your Microsoft account your can reset your password. You have to fill an online form from another PC, tablet or even you can fill this form from a smart phone to get access to your account password. Just write down your Email address and cell number in order to reset your password and to be able to login to your windows account.


Admin account method:


If you don’t want to choose any one the above mentioned methods then reset your windows account with another account. You can choose Command Prompt or you can choose computer management. Follow these easy steps.


Step 1:


Click on the my computer icon and select manage or you can press windows +x and choose the computer management

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Local user and groups’, click ‘Users’ now right click the desired account whose password you want to reset, choose ‘set password’ option and type the new password.


These are few password resetting methods for your convenience.