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Want to download videos from YouTube and don’t know how to do it? Well many times we find videos that we want to save to our PC or other device we are using but unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provides any option to download videos from it.  Either we have to save bookmark of the video every time we or search for the video on the YouTube every time we want to watch it.



But now I’m gonna describe some very easy to follow methods to download videos from YouTube.


  1. Through IDM

The most common and generally adopted way to download YouTube videos is through IDM (Internet Download Manager.

Follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Download the IDM free from Google.

Step 2

Now open the YouTube and play the video you want to download.

Step 3

Automatically a notification button will pop-out to download the video. Click on the button and a window will appear.


Step 4

The storage location will be shown before starting the download. If you want to place the video somewhere else then choose the location and hit the button ‘Start download’

Your video will be start downloading and you can enjoy it whenever you want without the mess of being finding it. This is the most common and reliable method to download YouTube videos.


  1. Keepvid downloader

Another downloader is Keepvid downloader that not only be used to download YouTube videos but you can also use it to download videos from other sites like Face Book, Daily Motion and many more.

Step 1

Open KeepVid .

Step 2

Now open the YouTube in another tab and Play the video. By doing this the URL of the video will appear in the bar on the top the browser. Now select and copy it.

Step 3

Place the URL of the video in the place given in KeepVid application and click the ‘Download’ button.


Enjoy the downloaded videos from the YouTube with this easy to follow method.

Clip Grab downloader

Clip grab downloader is easy to use and free YouTube videos downloader. It works best for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Step 1

First of all you have to install the Clip Grab application.

Step 2

Now open YouTube and copy the URL of the video by selecting the URL and press Ctrl+ C and for Mac Cmd+ C.

Step 3

Open Clip Grab application and paste the URL of the video in the place provided by hitting Ctrl+V for Windows and for Mac Cmd+V.


Step 4

In the next step you have to select the video quality that suits you best by clicking the ‘format’ button.

Step 5

After that click the ‘Grab this clip’ button to start the download.


Amendment is the URL

If you don’t want to download videos from YouTube using any software then the below mention method will surely help you to download YouTube videos. You just have to follow the steps

Step 1

Open YouTube and play your desired video. By doing this you will get the URL of the video in the top of your browser. That  would be like this

Step 2

Now you have to do some amendments in the URL to download the video. Replace ‘https://www.’ With ss and the URL will be like

Step 3

Now by opening this URL, another site will be displayed and you will be provided with a download button.

Step 4

Click the download button and choose the quality of the video.

Step 5

You can also change the storage location before the download starts.

 Download videos with mobile

This method is ideal for PC. If you want to download YouTube videos on your mobile or tablet, Procedure is nearly same except few things.

Step 1

The mobile sites are somehow different than the PC displayed sites. A pc URL will be like this

On the other hand mobile URL will be like

You have to follow the same step as mentioned above, all you have to do is replace the ‘https: //m’ with ss and enjoy the video anywhere anytime.

I hope the above methods will work for you and you can easily download videos from YouTube in future.