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Upcoming Technology
Upcoming Technology

Upcoming Robotics singularity

Core Tip: In recent years, human-level artificial intelligence to ponder already getting out of a top-down programming, instead emphasizing reverse engineering, and then to simulate the human brain. The feasibility of this approach, and there is a big difference in the level of understanding to create a functional simulation of the brain on the front.

Computer pioneer John von Neumann is generally regarded as the first to “singularity” is the term to use in future technology-driven events. He was said to sometime in the 1950s said, “has been accelerating progress …… tables close to some important singularities on the history of mankind, we know without them, human affairs cannot continue.” This theme has been enriched; an article entitled “an upcoming technology singularity” in the 1993 San Diego State University, mathematician Vernor Vinge (Vernor Vinge) to write a paper. Vinci unreservedly at the beginning of the paper wrote: “In the next 30 years, we will have the technical means to create superhuman intelligence shortly after, the human era will end.”

In astrophysics, the singular point is a black hole; the usual laws of physics no longer apply. In the black border or horizon, gravity strong enough to light itself cannot escape. Vinci from a similar perspective on technology singularity: it represents human progress interrupted until the singularity occurs; all on the basis of progress is not obvious. After trying to predict what the future will be the singular point of, like a black hole astronomers want to go take a look.

Then the baton passed to Ray Kurzweil, he published a book in 2005, “singularity near: When humans transcend biology” (The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology). And Vinci different, Kurzweil has become a major propaganda singularity; he blithely tried to peep beyond the horizon, giving us a very detailed description of what the future will look like. He told us, the first truly intelligent machine will be built in the late 2020s; the singularity itself will take place in around 2045.

Kurzweil is recognized as an outstanding inventor and engineer. He created a series of successful companies in the field launched his invention, such as optical character recognition, computer-generated speech and music synthesis and other fields. He was awarded 20 honorary doctorates, and the National Medal of Technology, and was named to the US Patent Office’s Hall of Fame. “Company” magazine has called him Thomas Edison’s “lawful successor.”

However, his “singularity approaching” This book is a strange fusion, in which there is technology to accelerate the full and coherent expression, as well as some seem absurd · speculate, for example, he sincerely desire to pass to collect their late father’s grave DNA, then use nanotechnology to make future physical regeneration, and ultimately let my father back to life. A vibrant community, there is a bright and colorful and full of character, these ideas together surrounds Kurzweil. These singularities people have a long way forward set up their own educational institutions. Singularity in Silicon Valley University (Singularity University), attention index technology to provide a non-certified graduate-level course, its corporate partners include Google Genentech, Cisco and Autodesk and so on.

The most important predictions Kurzweil, we will inevitably and future fusion machines. Human intelligence will greatly enhance the brain by implantation, become more powerful. In fact, if we want to understand and control technology after the singularity, then, this enhanced intelligence is essential.

Perhaps Kurzweil about the singularity of the Imagination after the most controversial and doubtful side and are followers of the singularity emphasis on “eternal life” outlook. Singularities in most cases people do not want to die. They plan through the “longevity escape velocity” (longevity escape velocity) to achieve eternal life, the meaning of this idea is that if you can hold live long enough time, until you have a prolonged life of innovation, one can imagine that you will achieve immortality. This may be through the use of advanced technology to maintain and enhance your living, or maybe you’re thinking by computer or uploaded to the future of robotics in to achieve. Kurzweil naturally want to ensure that the singularity occurs when he is still alive, so he swallowed every day as many as 200 different pills and supplements, and regular intravenous other substances. Although the promise of huge commitment to health and diet books is very common, but Kurzweil and his doctor, also co-author Terry Grossman in their book will promise to mention a whole new level, the book called “Enchanted Journey: live long enough to eternal life,” and “Beyond: Nine steps to make your health to live forever.”

Many sports critics’ singularities have found all this argument about immortality and change has a profound religious overtones. In fact, the whole idea has been derided as technical elite quasi-religious and a ‘nerd ecstasy. ” Recent mainstream media attention to the singularity, including the 2011 “Time” magazine’s letters and stories, so that some observers fear that the singularity and traditional religions will eventually cross together. Professor of religious studies at Manhattan College Robert Geraci (Robert Geraci) in an article entitled “Kurzweil worship” wrote, if spread to more people, the movement “will make the traditional religious groups a challenge, because comparison, commitment redemption may seem more powerless.” The Kurzweil party loudly denied any religious connotation, and said his forecast is based on historical data and reliable scientific analysis. If the entire pantheon of Silicon Valley billionaires are on the singularity showed a very strong interest that the whole concept could easily be all abandoned. Whether it is Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founder or Alipay (and Facebook investor) Peter Thiel are involved in this matter. Bill Gates also praised Kurzweil predict future capacity artificial intelligence. In December 2012, Google hired Kurzweil to guide its advanced artificial intelligence research. 2013, Google spin out a new biotechnology company, named “California Life Companies” (California Life Company, called Calico). The new company’s stated goal is to focus on research to cure aging and extend human life aspects.

My personal view is that something like the singularity is of course possible, but it is far from inevitable. When this concept get rid of excess burden (such as the assumption of eternal life), just treat it as a huge next time or destroy the power of technology to accelerate time to look at this concept is the most useful. It may be important catalyst singularity, namely the invention of super-intelligent, ultimately proves to be impossible or possible only in the distant future. Many leading brain research staff has also expressed this view. Cognitive Sciences at MIT 60 years Noam Qiao Musi G said that we build from the human level of machine intelligence also “out of reach”, amazing point is the “science fiction.” Harvard University psychologist Steven Pinker (Steven Pinker) agrees, he said: “There is no reason to believe that teach cents singularity will be realized in the future you can imagine a future, it does not prove that it is likely to happen. “Gordon Moore’s name seems destined never to the exponential progress of technology-related, he also suspected singularities similar things will never happen.

But Kurzweil about human level artificial intelligence arrival time there are a lot of supporters. MIT physicists, Hawking is one of the co-author of the article Max Tegmark, on the “Atlantic Monthly” James Hamblin said: “This is something very near future any thinking them. Kids in high school or college should learn what people should be very concerned about this. “Other people think a machine can think is impossible to achieve, but to step forward. For example, Gary Marcus believes strong AI implementation time is at least twice Kurzweil predicted, but also that “probably before the end of the 21st century, the machine smarter than us is not just the next one chess or resolve minor problems and side, but from mathematics and engineering to various aspects of science and medicine. ”

In recent years, human-level artificial intelligence to ponder already getting out of a top-down programming, instead emphasizing reverse engineering, and then to simulate the human brain. The feasibility of this approach, and there is a big difference in the level of understanding to create a functional simulation of the brain on the front, in general, for this method may be more optimistic computer scientists, but those who have the biological sciences and psychology background often skeptical. In a response to Kurzweil on the successful implementation of reverse engineering the brain in 2020 blog post, said Myers lambasted Seoul is an “ignorant of how the brain works,” the “crazy” and he had “fabricated nonsense and leave nothing to do with the reality of the absurd speech” hobby.

This may be a digression. AI optimists believe that the simulation does not need to be faithful to every detail of the biological brain. After all, unlike the bird flapping its wings aircraft. Skeptics might respond that we on intelligence “aerodynamics” Is also understood far create any “wings”, regardless of the wings can flap. The optimist might argue that the Wright brothers rely on tinkering and trial and error to create its own aircraft, certainly not the basis on aerodynamics. Thus, the debate has to continue.

Biography: Apple will be equipped with tokenization technology for mobile payment systems

Tokenization: Let mobile payment system more secure

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

According to Bank Innovation in the latest report released tonight that Apple will soon launch its mobile payment service with tokenization technology, joint NFC. Marker technology has been accepted by many financial institutions, because this technology is considered very safe.

Compared to transmit account and credit card numbers, and how this technology work? Tokenization technology will between devices by radio transmission complex code. These codes can only be used once, so even if the code is malicious fraud of a third party to intercept, code is no longer valid.

Bank Innovation citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans said the news, this related patent application in 2009 when he submitted, and last year successfully obtained the patents, including one titled “between the two sides through the marking or reliable authentication method for secure communication “technology.

10 upcoming and possibly change the world of technology

Translator’s Note: With the Google Glass hit, we see more advanced technology will bring huge changes in life and work. In this paper, a selection of 10 of the world’s technology products is about to change, in part from the largest foreign public pay platform Kick starter, but also from the world-renowned company’s products. I believe the future of life because they are different!

Over the past five years, we have witnessed a quantum leap in digital technology. Smart phones, cloud computing, multi-touch tablet PC, these innovations revolutionized the way we live and work. However, whether you believe in, it’s just the beginning, technology becomes more advanced. In the near future, we might actually be able to live like a science fiction movie, as ground.

This article describes 10 real and upcoming products; we believe they will completely change the world. Please be prepared to use your eyes to control the desktop, cut fruit Ninja (Ninja fruits); ready to print your own kind of creative work; ready to invest in the world and interact with the virtual network. Come with us to embrace the future!

  • Google glasses

Augmented Reality technology has entered in the form of simulations and teaching applications to our lives, but the Google glasses will significantly enhance the level of application of the technology. In theory, put Google glasses, you can see the social media messages, text messages, Google Maps, and the use of GPS navigation and camera. You can also get the latest news surrounding environment anytime, anywhere.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

It really is worth the wait vision, and it may well become a reality –Google co-founder Sergey Brin and skydiving who already cooperate demo through Google glasses. Currently this device only at a price of $ 1,500 available to some developers, but we also expect other high-tech companies the courage to try to design an affordable consumer version.

  • Form 1

As the name suggests, 3D printing is digital design into real products in kind of technology. This is definitely not a new machine in a mature industry, but with a personal 3D printer is definitely a revolutionary idea.

Everyone can design their own program, to create a personal customized real product, and does not require approval from any manufacturer! In the movie, James Bond’s Aston Martin crashed is a 3D printing products !

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

Form 1 is such a personal 3D printer, priced at just $ 2,799. It may sound like a very high price, but compared to produce its own prototype of such a luxury, it is a very fair price.

Imagine a future everyone has the ability, without limitation to the mass production of physical products to their creativity, personal productivity and creativity will be to maximize the development.

  • Oculus Rift

Virtual reality game by Oculus Rift becomes more realistic. This landmark immersive 3D headset lets you being in a video game. In the Rift virtual world, you can turn the head, almost without delay look around the virtual world in high-resolution display.

The market also has a more luxurious product can do this, but Rift only cost you $ 300, you can enjoy this experience, it even comes with a development kit provides. This marks the beginning of the next generation of gaming revolution.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

Today’s timing is perfect, virtual reality theme is bombing the entire world, in part also due to the Sword Art Online (Sword Art Online) This anime – one of the characters play the game in a completely virtual world. Although we have this objective, but it may take several years to achieve the same with the true extent. The Oculus Rift helps us to take the first step.

  • Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop computer is a special failure of the product, since a long time, the hand may become very tired. But Leap Motion uses a more sophisticated idea, think again challenge this dangerous field. It does not require you touch the screen; you can use your finger to control the entire desktop.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

Leap Motion is not a traditional motion sensor, because it allows you to scroll Web pages, zoom maps and photographs, sign documents, and even just the hand and finger movements, you can also play first-person shooter. Smooth response is the whole experience in the core elements. More importantly, you need to spend $ 70 you can have this future products, the price is only equivalent to a Platinum Edition PS3 game YO!

If this product can fully cooperate with the Oculus Rift, along with real-time simulation game experience, the game will be a major transformation.

  • Eye Tribe

Over the years, eye tracking technology has been actively discussing science and technology enthusiasts, but its application was extremely challenging. However, Eye Tribe product is indeed true. They succeeded in creating a tablet can be controlled by eye movements, playing a flight simulator, even in Fruit Ninja cut fruit technology.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

Essentially, it is a common eye-tracking technology combined with front camera, plus some elaborate computer vision algorithms. Thus, the eye can be cut fruit it! This year’s Le Web Conference of a live demonstration, and we are likely to see its use on mobile devices in 2013.

At present, the company is still seeking partners, this sci-fi technology into the consumer market. But you and I both know that this product is so cool, it is impossible to fail.

  • Smart Things

One problem with most devices currently exist: they are independent existence, and manufacturing equipment can really communicated with each other, competing needs of technology companies and efforts to work together. This article discussed Smart Things, you can make your every device (electronic or non-electronic devices), were Unicom to better serve you.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

By smart Things, you can use smoke alarms, hygrometers, manometers and vibration sensors detect common home changes, and through you to remind smartphone! Imagine where the infinite possibilities of it.

You can track who is in your home; when you enter the room, lights turn on automatically; when you leave home, the doors and windows closed automatically. All of this only $ 500! Has this miracle, a wood there is a high-tech feel of the castle owner.

  • Firefox OS

IOs and Android are great, but they also have their own rules and policies, will certainly inhibit the creative developers. In view of this, Mozilla decided to start from scratch to create a truly open, free, the user customize the new mobile operating system. This is the Firefox OS.

Firefox OS based Gonk, Gecko and Gaia software layers to establish, for most people, this means that it is open source, and hosts networking technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

Developers can create and publish Web applications, and a variety of requirements for application stores will not be limited. Users can even customize the operating system according to their needs. At present, the OS has finished first on the Android mobile phone system, now the response is very good.

Firefox OS can perform basic tasks on IOs or Android: call a friend, browse the web, take pictures, play games, it has started to shock the smartphone market.


  • Project Fiona

Look Dir. generation gaming tablet. Razer’s project Fiona is a designed for hardcore gamers tablet computer game. Once it is available, will be the future Tablet PC pioneer, because although many high-tech companies are hoping to develop a gaming tablet, but now it seems Fiona is the only possible release in 2013.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

This cool product, fitted with next-generation Intel ® Core i7 processor, you can perfectly render all your favorite PC games on your palm. Razer gaming accessories company best known as the manufacturer, it clearly knows how the user experience into the Tablet PC, which means that a 3-axis gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer and full screen support multi-touch user interface. My body and soul are ready.

  • Parallella

Parallella computer is about to change the mode of production, while the company Adapteva provide opportunities for you to participate in this revolution. Simply put, Parallella is personal energy-efficient supercomputers can efficiently handle multiple complex software. With Parallella, real-time target tracking, holographic head-up display, voice recognition will become more powerful and intelligent.

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

The project has received funding success, the estimated time for the product launch in February 2013. For small supercomputer, the price is still very optimistic about; $ 99 is not very incredible! Although it is not recommended for non-programmers and non-Linux users, but the development toolkit provided or filled with a variety of development software for users to create their own desired item.

I never thought about the future of computing may be only $ 99 to open, thanks to the public to raise the platform.

  • Google Driverless Car

I still remember when I was a teenager watching a movie “I Robot”, and questioned my brother saying: One day, driverless cars will become a reality. Now it does become a reality, and let it all happen is the search engine company –Google.

Google unmanned vehicle operation relies on artificial intelligence, using the input information from the car video cameras, radar and position sensor installed at different locations on the roof of the sensor and the car, but it uses the source data is not yet known. Although let the car mimic human intelligence takes a lot of effort, but so far, this system without any manual operation has been successful in driving down the 1609 km!

upcoming technology
upcoming technology

“You can look forward to five years; ordinary people can experience these driverless cars” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said. However, despite the achievements of innovation, but its consumption of very troublesome. Because Google is currently facing a challenge: how to build the system for the benefit of the stones, so that the average income level of workers can also benefit from it.