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increase the traffic on your blog

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Now a day Google has implemented very strict rules and regulations. So you have to be very careful while reading their rules and regulations otherwise you might be suspended from your adsense account. Don’t switch to the trick that can decrease your CTR or leave you blocked by adsense.

Your earnings on the Google adsense are directly related to the CTR (Click through rate), so in order to increase your income you have to increase the traffic on your blog.




If you are looking for some tips to increase your adsense earning fast then your search ends here. Tips, given below will surely help you a lot to help increase your adsense earning fast and easily.

  1. Fresh content publishing

Always publish fresh contents in order to increase your adsense earning as well as to increase the traffic on your blog.


  1. Update blog regularly:

 If you want to increase your Google adsense earnings fast and very easily then you have to update your blog regularly. It will increase the traffic on your blog.

  1. Permit both text and images

There are two options to choose in adsense either you can restrict your ads to image only or you can choose the second one that is both image and text option that is recommended to increase the click rate and your earnings too.


  1. Links to relevant sites

Sharing links of sites to other sites means linking websites can raise your adsense earning very easily and effectively. Put your ads on good website. Try to put your ads on top of the websites where they can be easily seen by the viewers not at the bottom because it may hide your code and cause a relative decrease in your CTR (click through rate).

  1. Experiment with font and colors

 Choose the colors, background, text style and

URL of your website. You have to keep an eye on your revenues before and after the changes to get the best combination. This will surely contribute to add up more revenue in your Adsense earnings. Choose black and white colors for your ads. Use white color for the background and borders as it will look just like a webpage and people will click more on your ads and this will boost up your click through rate.

  1. Add channels to your sites

Channels will help you to see which units are working best. The more visitors will attract, the higher will be the click through rate (CTR). You will surely want to advertise on the sites which will give you a higher CTR to increase your earnings.

  1. Ads Formats

 One of the easiest ways to get a higher CTR (Click through rate) is the rectangle ads. They work amazing as compare to others and grab a lot of visitor’s attention. It looks just like web links and visitors click more on this type of links. So it’s a good way to earn extra money from adsense. A sample is given below.




  1. Block less paying sites

You may have experienced that some sites are really paying negligible amount/click. So in order to increase your adsense earnings you can block these sites if you have a list of these sites. You can also block the competitor ads being displayed on your sites. This will increase your revenue.



  1. Write everyday

 When you will write everyday and update your blog regularly more search engines will find your pages as people want to read more and more content from you and more you write your pages will be index in the search engines. This is quite harder as compare to the other methods but also a very effective one in achieving your desired revenue.These are the few methods to help you increase your Adsense earning fast. Use them to earn more and more income.

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