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increasing your PC speed

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When you buy a new computer it works really fast but with the passage of time it slows down. It happens due to many reasons. Some software, programs or files, antivirus that are out of date and games you do not use may cause the speed reduction and you may experience difficulties while using it.

There are some tricks given below to get a faster computer just as new one.

  1. Deleting Temporary files

 Through everyday tasks a huge list of temporary files gathers in your computer and might slows down your computer speed. To get rid of these temporary files which includes cookie, your browsing history and some other files. By deleting them, we can save a large amount of free space that will increase our computer speed.

Double click the ‘My Computer’ Icon, now click the ‘Drive C’, open the ‘Window’ folder and now right click the ‘Temp’ and select ‘view’ option. A list of temporary files will be displayed, select all by pressing ‘ctrl+ A’ and press the delete button. These files will be transferred to ‘Recycle bin’, Right click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ and select ‘empty the recycle bin’.


This trick will increase a lot of free space resulting in increasing your PC speed.

  1. Removing the dust

If dust is located in the interior of our computer it may causes computer heat up. When computer heats up, its speed decreases. If it happens with your PC, try to clean the dust by removing the exterior of your computer and with the help of a hoover, remove all the dust.


Firstly switch off your computer at least half an hour before cleaning it to avoid any injury as your computer will be heated up and u might burn your hand.

  1. Installation of a Solid State Drive Hard disk takes much time to start windows and also offers slow speed for the PC. On the other hand the use of Solid State Drive is better to gain faster speed.
  1. Defragment the Disk

Another way to faster your computer speed is to defragment your disk.

Double click the ‘My Computer’, Click ‘Drive C’ and right click on it. Select the ‘Properties’ and in ‘tools’, there would be an option ‘Defragment now’. By doing so your disk’s memory will be divided into small memory packets which will save the space on your disk and your computer will work smoother than before.


  1. Deleting program

Deleting the programs you no longer need is another way to boost up PC speed. Just click the ‘Start’ button, open ‘control panel’. Move your arrow to ‘Programs’, a list will be displayed.

  1. Uninstalling spare anti-virus

If you are using various antivirus at the same time at may result in decreased computer speed. Uninstalling the spare antivirus will boost up your system speed.

  1. Increasing RAM

RAM stands for random access memory. It is used when we open different programs and executing different tasks. When you are having not enough memory then your system slows down and sometimes hangs.

The solution to the problem is to add RAM to your system. Generally 4GB is more than enough.

  1. Removing visual effect

Although graphical effects look great but they can slow down your computer. By removing them you can save enough disk space and prevent computer freezing.

Follow the given method to turn off the visual effects.

Right click on the screen anywhere and select ‘Personalize’. Scroll down and select ‘Windows 7 basic’ or ‘Windows classic’ for even more boost up.


  1. Emptying the Recycle Bin

When you delete files they are transferred to the ‘Recycle Bin’. As these files are not deleted permanently, they contain the same disk space as they were previously

using it. So we have to delete them permanently in order to boost up your system speed.

recycle bin

Restore the files you need and  to empty recycle bin by right clicking on the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon and choose ‘Empty recycle bin’ and by doing this you will surely experience a difference in your system speed.