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Montazah Palace The Amazing Palace To Visit
Montazah Palace The Amazing Palace To Visit


The modern president house of the Egypt is called Montazah palace. The montazah palace is standing on a plateau in east of Alexandria. It is located on a site towards the Mediterean Sea. The montazah palace is consisting of a huge palace and a complex of gardens. The palace has more than one fort which had been added to it with the passage of time.

The ground floor us known as the Salamlek palace which was built in 1892 upon the order of the Khedive Abbas II from the Muhammad Ali dynasty who is known as the last king from the dynasty to have the title of Khedive with his name. The dynasty was ruling over the present Egypt and Sudan. At that time the salamlek palace served as the residence for the friends of the king as well as a hunting lodge.

The second part of the palace is the “A-Haramlik palace†which was serving as the residence for royals during the summer season. This palace has high towers and arcades facing towards the sea. Beside The both palaces it has gardens. Gardens and the Al-haramlik palace both were built in 1932 upon the order of the king fuad. The architecture of the building is a combination of Turkish style and Florentine way of construction.

The salamek palace was renovated by the president Anwar-El- Sadat whom made it the official residence for the president of the country. The gardens are now a place of fun and serves as a wonderful park spread over a land of 150 acres. Its third part the Al-haramlik palace is now a museum which is representing the history of the Muhammad ali dynasty and is rich in artifacts of then. the montazah palace worth a visit.