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Pompeys Pillar

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The Pompey’s pillar is ancient representation and a symbol of the Roman Empire’s power on it. It is located in Alexandria Egypt. The Pompey’s pillar was constructed on the order of the roman emperor Diocletion when he defeated a revolt made by the people of Alexandria, that’s why it is called the roman triumphal column. Being in Egypt it is the one and only column outside the Rome. It was built in 297 AD.


Visiting To Egypt? Don't Miss Pompeys Pillar
Visiting To Egypt? Don’t Miss Pompeys Pillar
Visiting To Egypt? Don't Miss Pompeys Pillar
Visiting To Egypt? Don’t Miss Pompeys Pillar

It has various unique properties such as it is the largest column situated outside the Rome. It is the only column which is not having drums for support and is standing freely. It is the biggest among ancient monoliths and it is also the largest monolith which has never faced erection.

There are different sayings about the size and height of the Pompey’s pillar. Some believe its single column is 26.85 meter including the height of its base in capital. According to another author it has a height of 20.75 meter excluding the base in capital which becomes 28.7 when included the both. The diameter is something around 2.8 meters. Material used in its construction is red Aswan granite. The weight of only one piece of granite in the pillar is 285 tones.

Many people have tried to climb over it. The first person was commander john who used a kite. He flew a kite over the Pompey’s pillar connected to a ladder made up of rope. He again climbed it along with the pandour’s master john white. When they reached at the top of the pillar there they displayed the flag of their union and had a toast and a drink. Few days after they again climbed it and fixed a weather vane on its top and enjoyed a beef steak.