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The pyramid of khafre A Must Visit Place
The pyramid of khafre A Must Visit Place

The pyramid of khafre

The second name used for the pyramid of khafre is the pyramid of chephren. It got its second name because of the tomb of the king Chephren in the pyramid that belonged to the fourth dynasty of Egypt and commonly called the Pharaoh khafre or Chepfren. He was ruling over the Egypt before the year 2532 BC. The pyramid of Khafre is on the second position in both the lists of the tallest pyramids and the ancient pyramids of Giza plateau. It is situated near the pyramid of khufu in the Giza plateau.

The length of the base of the pyramid is around 215.5 meters and height is 448 feet. The main material used in the construction of the pyramid of khafre is the big blocks made up of limestone where the weight of an individual block is around 2 tones.

The history of the pyramid is still under discussion but according to some researches it was opened in around 1372 AD which have been considered as the most authentic due to the finding of a graffito in the chamber of the pyramid used for the burials which date back to the year 1372 AD. During the rule of 18th dynasty the pyramid had been robbed and its some material was used for the construction of other building such as a temple in Heliopolis.

The method of construction of the pyramid of Khafre is in a way that the size of the blocks used to decrease upward. The lower blocks are thick but the top most blocks are thin and small in size.

The pyramid is consisting of two parts, a base and a chamber with two main entrances. The north chamber was discovered in the year 1818 when the pyramid was explored. In the year 1837 the pyramid got explored completely during which there discovered a statue of diorite.