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Now a day’s internet has become integral part of our lives. It bothers you when you are facing internet

problems. If you have to repair internet then this might be one of the most challenging tasks for you.

Then you look for professional to solve this issue. But it would become easy task for you if you follow

some of the given steps below. If you find an error reporting saying ‘404 error’ server no found. It means

you should look in to the problem.

The first step would be to restart your computer. After getting on you need to be double click on the on

your browser icon and try again.

If you’re Unable to attach to web make every effort the net repair tool. If you right click on network icon

(looks like 2 monitors) visible on your pc at the correct hand aspect at rock bottom of the screen

wherever you see the clock. Once you right click it move to ‘repair’ and choose it. If you’ll be able to not

realize the icon then you may got to move to the board and access network connections. Then right click

on the affiliation you’re attempting to repair the wireless network or the LAN and so choose ‘repair’. If

square measure you’re} exploitation Windows view rather than XP then you may realize the steps are a

similar solely choice of words is also completely different rather than repair you may realize diagnose

and repair possibility. Once you choose the right possibility Windows can mechanically try to repair

itself. You may get the message once it’s done and you must be ready to use web effectively.

If area unit you’re still not capable to attach to the net attempt to boot your electronic equipment that

your Service supplier gave you. The matter may well be at your web service provider’s finish. Ensure to

decision him and raise him to reset it at his finish if you continue to can’t connect. He can even check to

visualize if your affiliation is sweet. Typically by taking these steps you’ll be able to repair your web


O You will check your IP address and gateway for web affiliation. (Normally you’ll would like your

web supplier to assist you with this)

O Disable network affiliation and once more change the affiliation.

O Restart your laptop.

IF you are having viruses issue in your laptop or computer then this issue is good enough to spoil your

internet speed. It’s very vital for all the internet users to have antivirus in your Laptops to save laptops

and internet speed.

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