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unblock youtube in pakistan

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Unblock Youtube in Pakistan

Want to Know how to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan? Yes!! So here is the solution for you. Youtube has been in use by the general public for quite some time now and we think that people use it on a daily basis to find solutions to their problems or being able to entertain themselves in one way or another.

So I thought of writing an article about how to unblock youtube in pakistan and make it easy for the people living in Pakistan so that they are able to easily unblock youtube in pakistan and open it from anywhere.


There are various ways to unblock youtube and be able to use it without any kind of problem. Today I will let you know about some of the very efficient ways on how to unblock youtube in Pakistan easily.


1.Through ZENMATE extension.

unblock youtube in Pakistan using zenmate

The Zenmate is a extension provided on Google this extension can be download easily through Google Chrome store just install it and keep it on whenever you open youtube.com it will unblock youtube and easily you will be able to accesss youtube from any where anytime.


To installing Zenmate go to Chrome browser settings.

Click on extensions

Scroll down extensions page and click on Get more extensions


downloadin xenmate


Download the Zenmate Extension from Chrome App store.

Click on Add button.

add zenmate extension


Zenmate extension will be successfully added to your browser.

Now You will be requested to singup to Zenmate.

After completing your registration with Zenmate  Icon will be appear on top right side on your Chrome browser.

Click on Zenmate Icon.

Choose any suitable location.

select location


Hurray! You are no connected to VPN. Youtube is unblocked :)



2.Through HOLA extension.



This is another extension that is provided by Google and it helps you to be easily able to unblock youtube by downloading this extension and attaching it to your browser you will be able easily open youtube from anywhere.

To get this extension click on here from your Google Chrome browser. Chrome web store will be open. Now Type Hola better internet in search bar and install the Hola better internet extension by click on free button.

unblock youtube in Pakistan using hola extension

After installation the hola better internet extension  you will see hola better internet icon on top right side on your chrome browser. Just click on hola better internet icon and select the country. Hola Better Internet will connect you to the selected country VPN. All is done. Now you can use youtube from your Chrome Browser.


  1. Through VPNs.

These are virtually private networks which help you to be connect to internet through other networks which send and receive the data, so the ip address of yours will remain unknown.

Some examples of VPN

  • Hotspot shield
  • Air vpn
  • Express vpn
  1. Using online proxy sites.
  • Kproxy

This is an online site which helps to be able to use sites which have been banned in your area and you are able to access sites easily.


  • Surf Again

This site helps with unlocking youtube easily and you are able to use youtube without any kind of inconvenience .


  • Proxify

Proxify helps you to visit sited which are restricted in you country and you will be able to use any kind of site easily.

  • Mega Proxy

Mega proxy makes you equipped with being able to access the site which you are not able to access easily.


So these are the steps and guides by the use of these important extensions, vpn’s and sites you will be able know that how to unblock Youtube in Pakistan easily.