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Wireless Internet for laptops

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Wireless Internet for laptops

There are such things now a day that keep you connected to the internet on the road or at any other place.-like camping/fishing trips, vacations or in your favorite coffee shop. The common option is Wi-Fi spots, but if there are none available at your location, Latest mobile also provide wireless internet to facilitate the people. Mobile internet use usb cable or built in access point function in some newer smart phones or you might get an usb modem that will provide you same thing. Keep in mind, that you must have cell phone signal coverage to do so and your phone subscription plan must have data transfer. Please note that if you use your cell phone as a means of connecting your laptop to the internet, double check your subscription plans – if you have fixed data transfer amount or per downloaded Mb because if you go over your fixed amount or are paying per downloaded Mb, it can get expensive! This is why there are USB modems with data plans only

Connecting your laptop to the internet using cell Phone.

The simple is to connect your cell phone with your laptop using USB cable and set up internet tethering. To perform this task you need a cell phone plan that supports data transfer. One of the best and easy ways to connect your laptop to the internet is using built in function that comes with most new android phones for example, Samsung Galaxy S and S2, HTC Desire/Desire HD and many more. You can set those phones to act as Wi-Fi access point and simply connect your laptop to the phone via Wi-Fi and to the internet using cell phones built in data modem. This is great way to connect your laptop to the internet using wireless without any cumbersome cables because you can keep your phone in the pocket or bag. Take a look at our 4G phones page because most of those Android 4G phones do have this option meaning that you will have your 4G speeds on your laptop on the go. Please note that you still need a data transfer plan subscription to do so.

Wireless internet for laptops using USB modem from cell Phone Providers.

This would be probably the easiest and most convenient option to get your laptop connected to the internet anywhere (in the area of cellular signal). It comes in a shape of a USB stick with the cell phone and modem inside. The majority contract or no contract cell phone providers have at least one with many data plans attached to it -,fixed transfer amount, unlimited or pay as you go (pay as you download) plans.

Here are few wireless internets for laptops options. Choose one that suits you and has best coverage in your area:

Sprint offers fastest 4G modems for laptops starting at $49.99 (with 2 year contract and you need a data plan attached to this device) or $199.99 with no contract.

Verizon Wireless – 4G modems offer at 19.99$ with 2 year contract or $249.99 with month-to-month no contract plans.

T-Mobile -provides at about $29.99 with 2 year contract and has even some free refurbished devices.

There are many choices of either contract or no contract wireless internet for laptops options. Please keep that in mind that all the devices must have a data plan attached to them, do the price that you will see would be for informative purpose and will, of course.

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