Top 10 Best PHP frameworks

I welcome you to my new article top 10 best PHP frameworks to build web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Processor. PHP is a major programming language for web development. It is easy and advance programming language. Majority website on the Internet are based on PHP programming language.


To make development easier and more efficient programmers use PHP frameworks to build websites. Using frameworks you can create web-based applications easier, quicker, and safer than core PHP. In my article I will help you to choose the best PHP framework for you. Choosing a wrong framework before building your web application can cause you serious issues and choosing a right framework before developing web application can save you a lot of time and other resources. A right framework can defiantly gear up your RIA development.

There are a lot of frameworks in the market. It is a really difficult job of selecting a right framework for your website development. I have researched honestly and gathered the top 10 best PHP frameworks for you. You can compare the web application requirements with listed frameworks and simply you can choose one framework for you.

You can compare the web application requirements with listed frameworks and simply you can chose one framework for your web application. Remember one thing in choosing a framework that there are always advantages and disadvantages. So every frameworks have advantages as well as disadvantages.

List of Best PHP Frameworks


  1. Laravel PHP Framework
best php framework laravel
best php framework laravel

According to my research larval framework is the best PHP framework in the history of PHP. Larval is a free and open source PHP framework. It is based on MVC. The best thing in Laravel is very well organized documentation for developers. You can produce the best results using Laravel framework. Larval is perfect for all kinds of web applications, small or bigger Websites. Larval syntax is very expressive that will help you code with more efficiently. Larval is good to manage third party packages like MySQL, SQL Server, SQL lite and postgresSQL.

  1. Codeigniter PHP Framework
Codeigniter php framework
Best PHP framework codeigniter

Codeigniter is powerful and one of best PHP frameworks. It is very easy to use. No configuration is required to use Codeigniter. Just download and start developing amazing web applications. The coordinator is based on MVC. Codeigniter powers mostly known web applications. Codeigniter framework is awesome for agile web application development. Codeigniter is a good example of “Write less do more”. If you want to spend more time away from your computer than Codeigniter is the best option for you. It’s a framework with a small footprint.

  1. Cake PHP Framework
cake php best php framework
Best php framework cake php

Cake PHP is on number 3 in my top 10 best PHP frameworks to build Applications. Cake PHP is a rapid PHP development framework. Cake PHP is really helpful to keep your web application very safe and very secure. Major features are Input validation, CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention and XSS prevention. Cake PHP helps you to make web applications much easier and faster. Write less and do more the best thing in Cake PHP framework.

  1. Symfony 2 PHP Framework
symfony 2 best php framework
best php framework symfony 2

Symfony 2 is the best framework to speed up development of the website. It is very well documented, Free under MIT license and getting more popular day by day. Many popular websites, Content management systems and forums are powered by the symfony. The popular CMS Drupal powered by symfony as well as most used forum script on the Internet phpBB is used Symfony.

  1. Phalcon Framework



Phalcon built on C, but offered PHP extension. Falcon is fastest framework in my list. Phalcon offers no compromise in speed. Phalcon offers high performance and lower resource consumption. Phalcon is capable to save processor time and boost performance. If you are looking for fast and high performance framework then Phalcon is best choice for you.


  1. Yii PHP Framework


Yii-Framework Best PHP framework
Yii Best PHP Framework


Yii is a high performance and professional and best PHP framework. If you are looking to develop web 2.0 then Yii is the best choice for you. Yii helps you to write clean and re-usable code. Yii has a powerful caching feature. Best Yii Features are MVC, caching, user role based control, authenticating, scaffolding, testing, DAO/ActiceRecords, l18N/l10N and many more. Yii is perfect for developing a social media website. Yii can simply save your time. Yii is good at security. It comes with input validation, XSS Prevention, SQL Injection Prevention and Output filtering.


  1. Zend Framework 2
Zend Framework PHP Best Framework
PHP Best framework Zend Framework

I am using Zend framework for last 2 years and I am really satisfied with its performance. It is one the leading PHP frameworks. Zend is a good PHP framework for developing web applications using object-oriented programming. It is really a powerful framework. Zend framework is a lightweight and easily customizable framework.

  1. Aura PHP Framework



PHP Best Framework Aura PHP Project
Aura PHP Best framework

If you are looking for clean code, truly independent packages and fully decoupled libraries then Arua is the best framework for you to go further. Quite a lot of developers are using aura. Aura is quite similar to Cake PHP. Best features are formal namespaces, late static building, anonymous functions, trails, short syntax and many more.


  1. Kohana PHP Framework



Kohana PHP Best Framework
PHP best Framework Kohana

Kohana is elegant and beautiful PHP framework designed for those who need rich features in their web applications. Kohana allows you to create web application quickly. It has many common components: Translation tools, code profiling, database access, encryptions, validations and many more. Kohana is a very fast PHP framework. It is well optimized for real world usage.

  1. Fuel PHP



PHP Best Framework Fuel PHP
Fuel PHP Best PHP Framework

Fuel PHP is the last framework in my top 10 PHP framework list. Fuel PHP is the simple yet flexible framework. Fuel PHP is an MVC framework and has the full support of HMVC. You can extend almost every core class without touching any code. Security is always important that’s why Fuel PHP enables output encoding to make it secure. Fuel PHP is good in preventing XSS and SQL Injection attacks. Fuel PHP comes with Input validation and query builder to assist you in preventing SQL Injection attacks.
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