Top ten classic Hollywood action movie list – Part 2

Top ten classic Hollywood action movie list – Part 2

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top 10 classic hollywood action movies
top 10 classic hollywood action movies

Welcome to the 2nd part of “Top ten classic Hollywood action movie list”

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Top ten classic Hollywood action movie list – Part 1


Six, “Die Hard 4” (2007)

Director: Len Wiseman

Screenwriter: Marc Baum Baker

Starring: Bruce Willis / Maggie Q / Justin Long / Mary Elizabeth Winstead / Timothy Olyphant

Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller

Producer countries / regions: United States / United Kingdom

Language: English / Italian / French

Duration: 128 minutes / 129 minutes (unrated version)

Also known as: Live Free or Die Hard / Die Hard 4: Virtual crisis / struggling students do rather heroic death / Die Hard 4.0


Die Hard 4 “Plot

In a July 4 weekend, was on leave of John • McAllen (Bruce Willis • ornaments) received a new mission: • arrest hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long • ornaments), and then sent to FBI There trial.

In fact, things did not seem so simple: extreme terrorist After careful planning, ready to use hacking techniques, Independence Day in the United States so that the whole US computer systems of collective paralysis, so as to achieve their conspiracy to control the world. Moreover, behind Thomas • Gabriel (Timothy • Oulifente ornaments) in order to prevent McAllen intervene in this matter, as he prepares a lot of organ disorders, including the kidnapping of his daughter Lucy.

Old heroes encounter a new problem, in Matt • Farrell’s help, McAllen continued to “live”



Seven, “Face off” (1997)

Director: John Woo

Screenwriter: Michael Colleary / Mike Werb

Starring: John Travolta / Nicholas Cage / Joan Allen / Alessandro Nivola / Gina Gershon

Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Producer countries / regions: United States

Language: English / Latin

Release date: 1997-06-27

Length: 138 minutes


” Face off “Synopsis

Kester (Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage • decoration) is a terrorist, he would have to kill the detective Sean (John Travolta John Travolta • ornaments), but manslaughter of Sean’s son, Sean more and Kester forged sworn revenge. Kester brought to justice after the arrest, he thought I could come to an end, but that Kester has put a poison gas bomb run on a crowded corner.

In order to detect the bomb site, Sean decided to use plastic surgery, the coma Kester’s face change in his body, to disguise the identity Kester set out his brother to tell the truth. It belongs to the highly confidential FBI, only a few people know.

Kester woke up, this time he has Sean’s face. So he decided to count on the meter, after which the informant to kill, he became Sean ……

Film review

“Face Off”: poppy-like fragrance violence

Thanks in advance to know “face” of the strange circumstances, but also did not intend to look at as a great film – Police and bandits swap FACE, this gimmick, worrying its texture, fearing it would harm intended to resign that types, and it was labeled a Hollywood action film label, this film, like the highway encounter every day, from the “007 series”, we all know it will be a kind of toward the.

I found myself badly wrong. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, the two can not be ignored in the name itself, quietly taught me. Two heavyweight actors support their own performance space, I have experienced, it was once in the “stolen FireWire” in order to feel kind of scared drunk, staggered fate of the characters and roles, as spirits choking, people have a huge After the trance.



Eight, “First Blood” (1982)

Director: Ted Cote Qiefu

Screenwriter: Sylvester Stallone / Michael Kozoll

Starring: Sylvester Stallone / Richard Crenna / Brian Dennehy / Bill McKinney / Jack Starr Reiter

Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Producer countries / regions: United States

Language: English

Release date: 1982-10-22

Duration: 93 minutes

Also known as: Rambo / Rambo: First Blood

First Blood “Synopsis

Veterans Rambo (Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone • ornaments) returning from Vietnam, he returned to the place of origin has become a strange town, the local sheriff (Brian Dennehy Brian Dennehy • ornaments) see this Veterans From first glance, it began picking Rambo, even wanton insult him back to the police station, after the spanking Rambo unbearable assaulting escape. Sheriff convene large number of police hunt launched for Rambo, Rambo fled into barren hills wild forest, continue with their grasp of guerrilla tactics in the Vietnam War fought back against the police, he robbed a weapons truck burned the town to return to the store Legal and weapons can stop a Rambo. Rambo’s chief colonel during the Vietnam War (Richard Crenna Richard • Ke Lina ornaments) appears persuaded to lay down their arms Rambo, Rambo has long been resentful blast out their own confusion and unwilling ……

 Movie Trivia

The film and the original novel are not the same, such as the novel ended with Rambo killed.

· In fact, the crew had to shoot another Rambo suicide ending, but in the movie preview audience agreed to reflect too depressed, so the crew left a way out for Rambo sequel subsequently emerged.

· A stuntman falls back jumping in the shooting lens.

· “Rambo” actually stems from the apples.

Kirk Douglas is playing Colonel Samuel initial candidate, but he insisted that the film should be like Rambo died at the end of the novel, because the comments can not agree, Douglas eventually quit.




Nine, “Speed” (1994)

Director: Jan de Bont

Screenwriter: Graham Yost

Starring: Keanu Reeves / Sandra Bullock / Dennis Hopper / Jeff Daniels

Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller

Producer countries / regions: United States

Language: English

Length: 116 minutes

Also known as: defending Men




Speed ​​”Synopsis

Retired bomb expert Payne (Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper • ornaments) because of dissatisfaction with the government’s retirement policy, resulting in the idea of ​​revenge on society.He first bomb installation in the elevator, the taking of hostages to extort $ 1 million ransom, but was SWAT Jack (Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves • ornaments) removed the bomb, rescue the hostages. Payne disarray escape.

A total fail, Payne did not give up, he continued his crazy plan. This time he blew up a bus, and a bus is installed on another bomb, as long as the bus more than 50 miles per hour you can not slow down, otherwise it will cause an explosion. When Jack catch this bus, the bus is already full of passengers traveling on the highway, at speeds over 50 miles too long.

Jack is commonly known as the “guts hairy,” he ventured on the bus, and between Speed ​​Payne began.

– Review

In the history of cinema, like “Speed” so “new” piece of a surprise after a gun fight red showing examples are rare. There are many reasons for it new: the film’s director Jane de Bond is directorial debut, but a blockbuster, indeed new; the two stars are not big stars, but little-known young novice: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, two people acting natural mature style fresh and smooth, with perfect, after the success of this film, the individual also a great success, becoming the film star, but also a new; in addition, the film content and on skills than in the past thriller there are many innovative breakthroughs.





Ten, “Transformers” (2007)

Director: Michael Bay

Screenwriter: Roberto Ozzie / Alex Kurtzman

Starring: Shia LaBeouf / Megan Fox / Josh Duhamel / Bernie Mac / Jon Voight / Tyrese Gibson / Rachel Taylor / John Turturro

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Producer countries / regions: United States

Language: English / Spanish

Length: 144 minutes



Transformers “Synopsis

“Decepticons” forays cyclones and scorpion attacked the US military base in Qatar, at the same time, help his partner roadblocks confusion sneaked into the US presidential plane Air One, was informed by the computer, in order to find Granville skies must find Witwicky family askew glasses, Megatron scanned on energy blocks above, and its current owner • Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf • ornaments) has become a “tyrant Days Tiger “targeted.

Sam is high school students, the school no one believes him about the history of this pair of glasses is about, disappointed, Sam put the glasses online auctions, but never of interest to buyers. Then the father sent him a broken car, the car is exactly the “car people” Hornet deformation. Bumblebee helps Sam handed a beautiful girlfriend (Megan Fox • ornaments), but soon suffered a “Decepticons” attacks, Optimus Prime with other “car people” arrived, a robot Thus the war began.

Shooting reason

In 2003, producer Don Murphy originally wanted to shoot a “GI Joe GIJoe” movie in the Iraq war, but he eventually and Hasbro (Hasbro) to discuss the company was “Transformers” adaptation. Tom DeSanto in “X- Superman” another outstanding ability screenwriter Don quite appreciated, so DeSanto was invited to the basic idea of ​​the story line. Meanwhile, Don also discussing the movie with many American fanboy friends on his personal website. DeSanto Transformers movie in a lot of research, after comics, heartfelt laments: “Transformers characters, although most of them are robots, but all flesh and blood, full of personality,” “If you can show in a truck on the silver screen distortion 20-foot-tall robot, it must be an unprecedented thing. ”

Vincent Fang began when the producer and director Michael Bay on the post of the negotiations, the Michael Bay movie that just a “stupid toy movie.” However, Michael Bay did not immediately reject the invitation, he carefully studied at the “Transformers” series of ins and outs, and formally identified in April 2005 as a director. Thus, the live-action film Transformers style design accordingly began.

These are the top ten classic Hollywood action movie list, there is time to quickly go and see! Also recommend “Avatar” to everyone, we have to look at Oh!